Areas of Practice

Corey E. Hoffman, P.A. specializes in the following practice areas.

Real Estate

The firm represents individuals, families and businesses in all types of real estate transactions.  We help clients buy, sell or lease residential and commercial real estate.  We often provide assistance with contracts, negotiating terms, title work and conducting real estate closings.

The firm has also handled disputes involving real estate.  If you feel you’ve been taken advantage of in a real estate transaction, we may be able to help.

Foreclosure Defense

A large portion of the firm’s matters, focus on assisting property owners who are facing foreclosure or who have been threatened with foreclosure by their lender.  Within this area of practice, we may advise clients about possible alternatives to foreclosure, fighting predatory lending and helping them find the best possible resolution to save the investment in their home.

Foreclosure Alternatives

A significant portion of the firm’s foreclosure defense cases, also involve finding options to help clients stay out of foreclosure. The options include:

  • Foreclosure Defense – Defending the foreclosure case filed against you.
  • Loan Modification – helping property owners re-negotiate terms with their lender.  This can often lower their monthly payment and may result in saving thousands of dollars over the length of the mortgage.
  • Short Sale – this involves helping a client sell their property for less than what is still owed.  In some cases, the lender may agree to the lower payoff amount or the property owner may have to negotiate a settlement to satisfy the original mortgage.
  • Deed In Lieu – the property owner agrees to sign over the deed to the property to the lender.  In exchange, the lender agrees to cancel foreclosure.